Ritron RQX-111-BLK VHF Q-series Callbox (Black)


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Ritron RQX-111-BLK VHF Q-series Callbox (Black)

The Q-Series Callbox is a 2-way radio transceiver used to communicate directly with portable, mobile and stationary radios; or through radio repeaters with Ritron PC Programming software. Each callbox is equipped with the following features or capabilities.

The Q-Series callbox is available in both the standard model high visibility green enclosure, and in the -BLK model black enclosure. The model number appears on the serial label located on the back of the Q-Series Callbox enclosure.

VHF radios are designed to operate within the 15 MHz band between factory standard 150 and 165 MHz.

UHF radios are designed to operate within the 20 MHz band between factory standard 450 and 470 MHz.

MURS radios can only operate on the 5 MURS frequencies (151.820, 151.880, 151.940, 154.570, or 154.600 MHz)

Advanced Features available with the Q7-Series models include 2-Tone, DTMF and Selcall Decode, Voice Messages, Companding, Sensor Input, and a Relay Switch Closure.

Q1-Series Models

  • RQX-111 – VHF Q-Series Callbox
  • RQX-111M – MURS Q-Series Callbox
  • RQX-411 – UHF Q-Series Callbox 

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