Ritron RDC-147 DoorCom System Analog VHF 150-165MHz 2 Watts Narrow Band


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Ritron RDC-147 DoorCom System Analog VHF 150-165MHz 2 Watts Narrow Band

DoorCom® Industrial-Grade 2-Way Wireless Intercom System

  • DoorCom® dramatically improves communication, security and efficiency at any facility.
  • Installs easily at any entry point to permit visitors to announce their arrival. Long-range performance allows radio-equipped personnel to

  • receive the call from anywhere in the building and respond back instantly using a portable 2-way radio or desk-top base station radio.
  • DoorCom increases efficiency and helps maintain security by allowing exterior doors to remain locked. Workers remain focused and

  • productive until they receive an intercom call from a visitor.
  • Narrow Band Compliant
  • Approximate range: 350,000 sq. ft. Additional range can be achieved with the optional remote mount antenna (RAM-1545), or in some

  • cases, by adding a Ritron UHF Liberty Repeater.
  • Unique 2-piece system – One 20 ft. long cable connects rugged RDC-1 (outdoor or indoor use) remote-head to the R-Series radio

  • transceiver (indoor use only). Transceiver is powered by included RPS-1B 110VAC -12VDC adaptor.
  • Transceiver can be field-programmed to a pre-set list of table frequencies, or can be PC programmed with Ritron software to be

  • compatible with virtually any other VHF or UHF 2-way radio system, even radio repeaters.
  • Flexible Multi-Mode Operation in R-Series Transceiver:

  • Callbox Mode: Prevents eavesdropping at the speaker. Speaker turns OFF after a period of inactivity.
  • Always-On Mode: Radio system traffic is always heard on the RDC-1 speaker. Ideal for warehouse and factory floor applications.
  • Designed and Made in the USA

RDC Includes:

  • R-Series Transceiver (indoor use only)
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Flex Antenna
  • RPS-1B 110VAC -12VDC adaptor
  • 20ft. shielded connecting cable #60201121
  • outdoor rated RDC-1 all-metal remote-head with speaker/microphone/PTT button.

The DoorCom system consists of 1 radio transceiver and 1 heavy- duty remote speaker/microphone. At least one additional companion 2-way radio (not included) is required to have a basic working system.

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