Ritron JBS-447D-A Base Station Analog UHF 450-470MHz 2 Watts 10 Channels


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Ritron JBS-447D-A Base Station Analog UHF 450-470MHz 2 Watts 10 Channels

Released as a replacement for the JobCom JBS-446D UHF radio base station, the JBS-447D is a versatile unit with a host of useful, programmable features such as Auto-on.


  • Programmable Frequencies – Authorized Ritron dealers can PC program your UHF radio base station to use “custom” frequencies within the radio’s band of operation. Additionally, the base allows your team to select from a list of 21 pre-programmed, business-only frequencies and 5 license-free MURS frequencies.
  • Quick Access Button – This unit has a programmable soft key that can be set up to automatically switch to any of your “custom” channels, DTMF encode, NOAA Weather Scan, and more.
  • Quiet Codes for Clarity & Privacy – After setup by your Ritcon deal, you can select up to 51 “Quiet Call” codes that will screen out unwanted channel chatter.
  • Channel Scanning – You can monitor multiple channels (normal or priority) at once without having to manually switch.
  • Compatibility – This station will work with any Ritcon JobCom or Patriot brand two-way radios, as well as any other brand of radio (mobile, portable, or repeater) using the same frequency.
  • Call Tone & 2-Tone Functions – Alert your team of an incoming transmission with the Call Tone & 2-Tone Paging Decode features.

Base Station Info

  • Frequency Band: UHF
  • Frequency Range: 450-470 MHz
  • Channels: 10
  • Power Output: 2 Watts
  • Waterproof?: No
  • Intrinsically Safe?: No

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