Motorola PMLN7136 12-Pocket Multi Unit Charger [DLR Series]

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Motorola PMLN7136 12-Pocket Multi Unit Charger [DLR Series]

Charge up to twelve radios simultaneously with this compact, multi-unit charger for Motorola DLR Series radios.

The Motorola PMLN7136 is a 12-cup, multi-unit charger for use with Motorola Solutions DLR Series license free radios. Allows you to charge a fleet of up to 12 radios or 6 radios and 6 batteries at once. The Motorola PMLN7136 charger supports cloning, which allows you to easily copy settings from one radio to another! 
Radios not included.

Compatible Radio Models:

  • Motorola DLR1020 two-way radios
  • Motorola DLR1060 two-way radios 

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Use this Motorola PMLN7136 Multi Unit Charger to charge all of your Motorola DLR two-way radios with complete confidence. Order online or call 888-742-5893.


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