Icom IP100H IP License-Free Radio for Wireless Networks


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Icom IP100H IP License-Free Radio for Wireless Networks

Icom’s IP advanced radio system for wireless networks products bridges the gap between license-free and licensed radio devices. The system is easy to connect to an existing wireless network and allows full duplex communication with reliable sound quality. Icom’s new WLAN-based radio system offers scalable, license-free communication that uses standardized wireless network products as infrastructure.

Icom’s IP100H WLAN or IP radio is the smallest professional radio on the market. The IP100H is a wireless network radio that can move freely within the network.

Simultaneous Use

Supports full duplex with a headset connected, which allows many users in the system to transmit simultaneously. This is similar to talking on a regular telephone.

Easy Maintenance

Most programming takes place wirelessly over the network eliminating the need to gather all radios every time a change is made.

Reliable Sound Quality

Since communication over a WLAN offers a wider frequency bandwidth and QoS priority packet delivery, the sound quality is higher than in a traditional radio communication system and is comparable to regular telephone communication.

Other Features

  • Internal/external antenna
  • Vibration alert for incoming calls
  • VOX capable with appropriate headset
  • Up to 27 hours with standard BP-271
  • Supports full duplex with headset connected, which allows many users in the system to transmit simultaneously.
  • Reliable sound quality
  • Sends status to the IP1000C and IP100FS
  • Provides a diagnostics mode to check:
    • TX & RX Mbps
    • Downlink signal strength
    • Mac address of the AP is using
    • SSID of the AP is logged on 12 characters
    • Channel the AP utilizes


The IP100H is ideal for use in many settings, including:

  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants/Cafés
  • Hotels/Museums
  • Shopping Malls/Department Stores
  • Security/Guards
  • Hospitals/Care

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