Icom F3101D Radio 16 Channels VHF [F3101D 01 RC]


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VHF 136-174MHz 5 Watt Radio, BP265 1900mAh Lith-Ion Battery, Rapid Charger BC-193 12, FASC55V Antenna, MB124 Belt Clip and free programming.

The Icom F3101D VHF radio is of the new digital generation. Digital radios allow you to receive maximum coverage when communicating from a far distance. The F3101D is equipped with IDAS (Icom Digital Advanced System) that makes this radio ideal for on-site communication.

Two Way Direct can guarantee that this radio is both digital and easy to use. The IC-F3101D series can transmit and receive messages in both the analog and digital mode. Since this device offers a new type of communication, we want you to become comfortable with your Icom digital radio at your own pace.



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