Enhanced Push-to-Talk (EPTT) Web Dispatch


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EPTT Web Dispatch Solution

Management Made Easy

Communicate and collaborate from a Windows PC and improve productivity, coordination and accountability
The AT&T EPTT Web Dispatch Solution combines highperformance, feature rich and reliable broadband PTT service with a robust dispatch, GPS mapping and communications tool that can be used on most internetconnected PCs.
With this solution, AT&T delivers an allinone instant communications and fleet management solution that lets you track your team in near real time on a map, view their previous locations, have instant communications with them, record conversations, create areabased talkgroups and more.

Industries Include:

  • Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Field services
  • Public safety
  • Education (school buses)
  • State/local government
  • Construction
  • Healthcare (homecare/ambulances)
  • Utilities

Differentiators What Makes WDS Better

  • Browser based Use it from any location with internet on Windows PCs
  • MultifunctionalPlace calls, send messages, share multimedia, manage location of EPTT mobile users
  • LMR interoperability EPTT voice communications interoperate with radio systemsAffordableNo high setup or subscription fees
  • Ease of deployment No need of hardware or complicated set up on site
  • CustomizableWithin the application and through CAT (Corporate Admin Tool), user can easily customize the user experience, talkgroups, favorites, window placement and more
  • MCPTTbased features Includes Emergency calling/alerts and remote user monitoring features based on MCPTT standards
  • AT&T CARE support PTTCAST setup and training services






EPTT Web Dispatch Solution

Technical Requirements

  • Minimum hardware and network requirements:
  • Processor: Dual core 2.1 GHz (minimum) Intel Core i5 or above
  • RAM (recommended): 8 GB (minimum)
  • A standard sound card supporting a headset and speaker
  • 2+ Mbps data connectivity

Software requirements:

  • Windows 8.1/10 Pro or Enterprise 32bit version
  • Windows 8.1/10 Pro or Enterprise 64bit version

Supported browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (IE) 11
  • Chrome 45 or higher

Integrated Secure Messaging

Improves contextual understanding

  • Videos
  • Texts
  • Documents (PDF, MS Office)
  • Pictures
  • Voice Messages
  • Audio Files
  • Location
  • Quick Texts (Pre-Programmed)

All time- and date-stamped and found in “Logs”


Location History

  • Track location history on map or export for up to 3 users at once 
    • 15 minutes by default 
    • 3-60 minutes customizable
  • 24 hour period with time-stamped history
  • Play animated route of driver’s day



Create up to 10 geofences at one time

  • 60 second location update interval for each geofence
  • Geofence period from 1 hour to 7 days
  • Alert options / boundary cross notification: 
    • Notify me (Dispatcher) 
    • Notify members (Mobile users)
  • Save fence settings as ‘favorite’


Area Based Talkgroups – Advanced Feature

Create area based talkgroup with EPTT Advanced mobile users

Talkgroup is based on geographical area defined by dispatcher on a map. Up to 10 area based talkgroups at any-time

Dynamic or static membership

  • Dynamic – EPTT Advanced users entering the area are automatically part of a talkgroup (up to 250)
  • Static – EPTT Advanced user can be part of the talkgroup regardless of his/her location


Remote Monitoring and Emergency Calling – Advanced Feature


Discreet Listening – Advanced Feature


App Orientation



Protecting critical communication from unauthorized access is key to the success of any business, organization, or government agency

AT&T looks at EPTT Web Dispatch Solution security with an end-to-end approach, supporting multiple levels of authentication and security to keep your sensitive communications private and protected.

  • Dispatchaccess and identity management is centrally managed though an OIDC compliant server
  • DeviceAES 256 encryption protects all locally stored data, including authentication credentials, configuration and settings
  • Networktraffic is protected with AES 256 TLS 1.2 encryption and FIPS 140-2 Level 1 ciphers to protect users from unauthorized call interception and monitoring
  • Backhaul All data between AT&T and MSI travel through dedicated AES 256 IPsec over GRE DMVPN* tunnels
  • Data CentersTo ensure business continuity, EPTT communications traffic is supported by two, geographically-dispersed data centers that follow the SSAE 16, PCI DSS, and HIPPA security compliance standards


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